January 29, 2020 2 min read

Striking a balance between smart and street can be difficult; after all, they first emerged as two very distinct and opposite styles. However, in recent times the two have merged and become a hybrid style that can be worn for work or play. 

This can help breathe new life into your favourite streetwear pieces, offering the chance to smarten up your look and ensure your streetwear wardrobe remains acceptable for more formal occasions.

Here we offer some helpful advice on how to take your streetwear styles and smarten them up effortlessly. 

Layer up

Both streetwear and smart attire is incredibly versatile and provides the opportunity to layer in order to create different looks. You can layer both street and smart designs together to create an effortlessly blended outfit.

One of the most popular ways to smarten up your look is to layer different pieces to create the ultimate balance of smart and street. Consider wearing a smarter jacket, such as a wool overcoat or blazer, over your streetwear hoodie. This can create a premium look with the combination of quality fabrics and colours.

streetwear hoodie

Other ways of layering your favourite pieces effectively includes one of the most on-trend styles of the moment. A streetwear-inspired overshirt has become a staple in layering your outfit. Many design are inspired by military styles, with khaki, camo prints, pockets and pin badges to create added detail.

Simply layer an overshirt over your collection of t-shirts to create a new outfit!


Upgrade your basics

Most great wardrobes start with the basics, so take a look at what you already own and consider how you can upgrade your key pieces. One of the easiest ways to smarten up your look is to invest in darker coloured clothing.

Navy in particular can carry a luxe appearance, with black, khaki and dark grey following closely. Consider streetwear staples such as a t-shirt or tracksuit in these darker shades to instantly upgrade your basic items.

streetwear tracksuit

Invest in traditional smart styles 

Consider investing in more traditional smart styles to wear alongside your streetwear pieces, such as a shirt. As smart streetwear becomes more popular, streetwear shirts are the ultimate evening attire. 

With fitted silhouettes and unique prints, revamp your look and pair your new shirt with your favourite pair of distressed or skinny jeans for an effortless balance between the two styles. 

streetwear shirt

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