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How to Shop Shirts in Summer

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Looking smart is sometimes a must, whether it’s for your job or just for personal style. After all, a t-shirt doesn’t always cut it, so it’s important to have those key shirt styles tucked away in your wardrobe ready for when they’re needed. Accommodating for all occasions, whether it’s a formal affair or just the need to look well presented, men’s shirts can do it all. Ready to help you adopt a smarter style, shirts should be a staple part of your clothing collection.

However, in the summer months at home or in an exotic location, wearing shirts can feel somewhat of a chore, with tight collars and cuffs and mostly long sleeves. Suddenly you hate the thought of dressing up smart, instead opting for t-shirts and shorts to embrace the weather. Well, with Judas Sinned, there is another way. Here we take a look at the best shirts to shop for in the summer season.

Short sleeve shirts

First and foremost, if it’s hotting up outside, your first point of call needs to be short sleeves. Immediately creating a cooler feel and a more comfortable fit, short sleeve shirts are your go-to style for summer. After all, rolling up your long sleeves just isn’t going to cut it when the sun is beaming down on you.

Still maintaining a smart appearance but in a much more wearable design, short sleeve shirts are a great way of dressing up for summer social events, whether it’s a BBQ, drinks in town or heading to the office. Opt for a classic design like our Smart Short Sleeve Disciple Shirt in white.

men's short sleeve shirt in white

Printed shirts

To add some visual appeal to your wardrobe, printed shirts are great; particularly if you’re packing your suitcase. Look for tropical inspired prints or floral patterns that suit the season perfectly, and can be worn both in the UK and abroad.

For example, our All Over Tropic Skull Print Resort Shirt is the ultimate holiday shirt, but can just as easily be worn for a trip into town with the lads. Featuring a smart collar and fitted design, it’s still a much more presentable style than throwing on an old t-shirt.

men's short sleeve shirt with graphic detail

Casual shirts

It’s important to bear in mind that not all shirts were created equally. Sometimes you need a casual edge to your ensemble; for occasions when a button up, full sleeve shirt is just a little too much. Look out for contemporary details like paint splatter and cut off sleeves to create some rock and roll when it comes to your look.

Our Cut Off Printed Check Punk Shirt has a striking design that not only looks great, but is also so easy to wear in the warm weather. With raw edges and distressed detailing, it’s a shirt with a bit of a difference.

Men's short sleeve shirt in black with graphic detail



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